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Grain free

Mc Fido Grain Free

Choose our delicious and balanced grain-free dog kibble.

Our range of grain-free dog kibble offers a wide selection of irresistible flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding canine palates. Each bite is carefully prepared to ensure a crunchy texture and a delightful taste, while maintaining a balanced nutritional profile.

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In addition to being grain-free, our grain-free dog kibble is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support your dog's overall health.

This type of diet can contribute to improving digestion, skin and coat health, joint function, and the immune system of your four-legged friend.

By choosing our grain-free dog kibble, you'll provide your dog with a balanced, tasty, and healthy diet. We ensure only the best for your furry friend, as we understand that proper nutrition is essential for a happy and active life.

Grain-free kibble is considered a healthier food option compared to many products available on the market for your dog, as it closely resembles the primal diet that animals would have in nature.
Specifically, it's a diet with a high meat content and minimal plant-based ingredients, such as sweet potato or pea fibers.

However, it's important to choose grain-free kibble by analyzing the food's composition in terms of protein content, as it's often too high for the lifestyle of companion animals in urban settings.

In fact, protein content should not exceed 30% of the total composition of the product, as higher levels would be excessive for a non-athletic dog.

Fat content typically ranges from 12% to 18%, but it's of lesser concern since it's primarily derived from the meat itself.

Grain-free kibble is enjoying significant success in the market. However, I recommend paying attention to the ingredients of the grain-free kibble you choose, as it's important that they have an appropriate protein content and are composed of high-quality meat.

Our grain-free kibble originated as a product used primarily for our own animals, and we believe it's an excellent choice for the market because it's designed specifically for animals living in our country, taking into account the environment and temperatures they experience. McFido's grain-free kibble is exceptional because it's made from premium meats.

Our grain-free product doesn't contain external fats, only the cooking liquid, and it's available in various flavors.

Remember that it's crucial to evaluate your animal's specific nutritional needs before choosing a diet based on grain-free products.

Grain Free!


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