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Nutritional consultation to identify the right dietary supplements for your dog

For over twenty years, our expert specialists at McFido have been available to identify the correct solution regarding the animal’s nutritional advice, defining the correct dietary supplements based on parameters related to lifestyle, morphology, and the needs of the human companion, of course taking into account any indications from the Veterinarian for the dog.

Why is the diet important for a dog?

The diet is extremely important for the health and well-being of a dog, just as it is for humans. A healthy and balanced diet provides the dog with the necessary nutrients to maintain proper health and vitality. An appropriate diet also helps prevent or manage diseases and health conditions in dogs, such as obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, and many other common conditions for our animal friends. Moreover, the diet can also positively influence the health of the skin and coat, energy levels, and the mind of dogs and cats.
Defining a diet suitable for the needs of your dog or cat is by no means trivial, as various physiological aspects of the animal must be taken into account: its age, activity level, size, health status, and many other factors. Furthermore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients used and to formulate the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals present in the dog and cat’s diet.
Ultimately, when it comes to diet, stating that the health of the body largely depends on what we eat is not a trivial matter. It’s a very important topic, especially given the variety of products on the market related to nutrition. That’s why, before anything else, it’s important to have proper guidance that allows you to avoid many obstacles in the life of a pet, further delaying the moment of having to say goodbye to our beloved four-legged companions.

What are dietary supplements for dogs used for?

Dietary supplements have always been a subject of veterinary discussion. Some believe they serve little purpose, while others consider them highly important. For us, the truth lies somewhere in between. In non-severe cases of various ages of the animal, dietary supplements contribute to maintaining the animal’s well-being for as long as possible, which is no small feat in their relatively short lives compared to ours.
Dietary supplements for dogs and cats are formulated products designed to provide additional nutrients that add to and complement those found in the food they consume. Supplements can be used to support the overall health of the dog, enhance and strengthen the health of specific organs or body systems, prevent and manage certain conditions or nutritional deficiencies, alleviate symptoms of chronic disorders, or enhance the animal’s quality of life.

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Dietary supplements with and without veterinary prescription: what are the differences?

Dietary supplements without a veterinary prescription contain active ingredients that are not included in an official list of medications, but this doesn’t diminish their specific value. In some cases, it’s evident that in the event of serious illness, these supplements may not suffice, and it’s necessary to combine them with a targeted veterinary therapy. Nearly all dietary supplements are products that can be purchased in pet supply stores or online and are often used to enhance the overall health of dogs and cats or to provide nutritional support for specific needs. As the overall health situation improves, adjustments can also be made to the subject’s dietary regimen.

Who is the consultation aimed at?

Our consultation is aimed at all those individuals with a pet who have doubts or minor yet tricky issues that could become more serious over time, risking chronicity and requiring the owner to undergo longer, invasive, and costly treatments both financially and in terms of duration. It’s also for those who want to gain more knowledge about their pet to have a better understanding of this subject and navigate optimally.

Available are tables with guidelines related to proper nutrition.

Our consultation regarding dietary supplements for dogs and cats is an evaluation of your dog’s or cat’s health and nutritional needs by our expert specialist in animal nutrition. The goal is to determine if your furry friends require dietary supplements, and if so, which types of supplements would be suitable for their health status and nutritional needs.

During a dietary supplements consultation, all general information and health status of the pet will be gathered, including age, breed, activity level, medical history, and other factors. The dog’s diet might also be assessed to identify any nutritional deficiencies. Based on the collected information, our canine nutrition specialist will recommend appropriate dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients for the dog. They might also suggest specific supplements to manage certain health issues like arthritis, diabetes, or kidney disease.

Furthermore, during the consultation, the veterinarian or animal nutrition expert will provide information about supplement dosages and treatment duration, as well as advice on how to safely and effectively administer the supplements to the dog. In general, a dietary supplements consultation for dogs assists pet owners in taking care of their animals’ health and well-being, ensuring they receive the proper nutrition to meet their individual needs.

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    In 1998, he left a steady and secure job to dive into the new adventure of Mc Fido. Despite the various changes that have occurred over the years, he has never regretted it – quite the opposite! A continuous passion for the animal nutrition and supplements world has allowed his experience to be valuable in tackling the numerous obstacles that arise in modern canine and feline dietary and behavioral practices.