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Nutritional advice about cat nutrition must take into account the needs of your beloved feline. The cat is a complete carnivore, requiring short but frequent meals with a high protein content.

The consultation aims to provide the knowledge and the right supplement to maintain your pet well-being. Urinary and renal disfunctions are the main weak points of cats, but sometimes it is the diet that does not work correctly.

Why is diet important for a cat?

The feline’s diet is essential to maintain a balance between weight, agility and correct physiological values, hence the search for a correct taste/ideal weight ratio.

As obligate carnivores, cats have specific nutritional needs that must be satisfied to ensure adequate growth, development and functioning of their organism.

What are cat food supplements used for?

Cat food supplements are products designed to provide additional nutrients to their daily diet. These supplements can be useful for various purposes.

Supplements are often used to fully re-establish slight imbalances in urinary pH or creatinine values, to alleviate gum inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders and joint pain. And to support the immune system or make up for the lack of fatty acids and substances beneficial to the body, especially to the fur.

Food supplements with and without veterinary prescription: what are the differences?

Supplements without a veterinary prescription can be defined as strengtheners of an organism that is healthy and functioning in itself, while those with a veterinary prescription are often real drugs designed to restore a lost balance.

Who is the consultancy aimed at?

Consultation is aimed to all those people who need information related to the nutrition of theirs felines, in particular the ones who have physical imbalances or allergies/intolerances.

Duration and location(s) of meetings

The duration varies from 15 to 30 minutes and can be supported by written handouts. It can be done online, via video calls or chat, or in person at our store.


The cost of the consultancy varies depending on the duration and number of sessions: from €15 to €30 for a private session online or in person; if the session takes place in our store and for a short time, it is free. Furthermore, the amount can also be recovered, if you make some purchase after the consultancy.